DDB gets the cheese

The agency gets another slice of the dairy market, winning strategic and creative lead on all Canadian cheese mass advertising outside of Quebec.
12 11 08 cheese

Things are getting cheesy. It appears DDB is cornering the milk market, having been awarded the AOR for all Canadian cheese mass advertising outside of Quebec by the Dairy Farmers of Canada. This adds to its portfolio of milky clients, including the Strategic Milk Alliance – a group comprised of Alberta Milk, BC Dairy Association, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, SaskMilk and Dairy Farmer of Canada.

The win came just before the agency was named strategy‘s Agency of the Year on Nov. 1.

“We thought, ‘Wow, we made the right choice,’” says Claire Payette, marketing director, DFC. She says they tasked the five shortlisted agencies with submitting a strategic plan based on a brief. “We felt quite at home right from the beginning of the first meetings we had with [DDB]. And we really did like the tools they used in their planning model.”

The DFC was looking for an agency to lead all strategic, creative and partner agencies, she says.

She says the first batch of creative can be expected late summer or fall of 2013, and that they’ll be using creative developed by former AOR Taxi for their spring campaign.

Photo: Dinner Series, Flickr Creative Commons