Audi shows off its technology

The car co has launched a new Canadian campaign aimed at showing off its Quattro all-wheel drive capabilities (and the country's landscapes).

Audi is showing off its Quattro all-wheel drive technology in a new multi-platform campaign with English creative from Zulu Alpha Kilo, French work done by Montreal-based Tank and media by MediaCom.

The campaign, called “Canada. Land of Quattro.” launched last week and will run with 30-second TV spots and a 60-second cinema spot in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, which show Audi cars driving through the best (and worst) Canadian climates and landscapes. In addition, the campaign is supported by online pre-roll ads, national print ads and digital banner ads, which promote in-store end of year events for the car co.

Audi is targeting a broader demographic with this new campaign, because it is talking about technology involved in the cars, not one specific model, says Mike Sutton, managing director at Zulu Alpha Kilo.

“The core of our profile audience is urban and suburban males ranging in age from 35 to 54,” he says. “They are affluent, progressive, well educated and professional.”