Van Houtte stirs up timeless trends

The coffee maker is using a webseries that explores popular trends of yesteryear, such as barber shops, to showcase its core brand attributes and build on its personality.

Van Houtte is taking consumers back through time with an online video series that explores the trends of yesteryear, and the core attributes that have helped them endure the test of time.

Developed by Montreal-based Sid Lee, The “Timeless Trends” series examines age-old practices such as perfuming, knitting and hat making, as well as classic styles of furniture and architecture by showcasing the people and companies across Canada who are keeping them alive today.

The series, which is aimed at adults aged 18 to 48, is being hosted on YouTube and on the brand’s C! The Coffee Blog website. It is also being promoted through Van Houtte’s social media channels. Additionally, Van Houtte leveraged the brands it featured in the series, including Dominion Barbers in Vancouver and Aromachology in Toronto, which used their digital and social assets to help drive viewership to Van Houtte’s channels.

Caroline Fournier, coffee expertise communication manager, Van Houtte, says that the campaign presented Van Houtte with an opportunity to highlight its own core attributes of heritage, expertise, passion, entrepreneurship and craftsmanship indirectly through different crafts and trends that rely upon similar values, while expressing and building upon its brand personality.

Fournier adds that the series is an extension of Van Houtte’s broader “Roasting since 1919″ campaign from 2012, which featured national print and TV ads, out-of-home spots, a digital contest and microsite, and sampling events.

All 10 videos in the series are available online.