Madeleine Saint-Jacques awarded the Prix Hommage

The AAPQ handed out the first-ever award at last night's CREA awards.
Madelaine Saint-Jacques

Madeleine Saint-Jacques, chairman of the board at Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R took home the first-ever Prix Hommage, handed out by the AAPQ at last night’s CREA awards ceremony in Montreal.

The award goes to a “key builder” in the advertising industry, for his or her achievements, commitments and contribution to the trade, according to a release.

“With this award, we highlight the contributions of a great lady of the industry, whose career path is a success story and a splendid example of perserverance,” said Dominique Villeneuve, general manager of the AAPQ.

Saint-Jacques, who has been at the Y&R offices for 57 years, can add this “first” to a growing lists of accomplishments, including the first female to win the Association of Canadian Advertisers gold medal in 1977 and first woman appointed president of the Publicity-club du Montreal.

Saint-Jacques says she started in the industry as TV was getting off the ground, and while many things have changed, the importance of advertising has not.  “It’s still very inspiring and gratifying,” she says of her work in the industry, which she plans to continue to be a part of in the future.