Alexander Keith’s hits the road

Strategy talks to Labatt VP marketing Jorn Socquet about the mobile brewery and the brand's views on promoting beer in 2013.
Copied from Media in Canada - Keithsmobilebrewery

Labatt is taking its recently launched Alexander Keith’s Hop Series ales on the road, with the brand’s first mobile brewery.

Aimed at promoting the brewing process and flavour profile of its new Alexander Keith’s Cascade Hop Ale and Alexander Keith’s Hallertauer Hop Ale, the mobile brewery will tour Canada over the next couple months, Jorn Socquet, VP marketing, Labatt, tells MiC.

Socquet says this launch, similar to Labatt’s Budweiser Red Light and upcoming Bud Light Sensation dance party, are about connecting with consumers through more experiential “connection planning” rather than traditional media plans.

MiC sat down with Socquet to talk more about the Keith’s Mobile Brewery as well as the brand’s take on TV, multi-screen planning and marketing beer.

Videography by Jennifer Horn