Spotting Canadians At Cannes

A guide to finding Canucks during the festival.
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Want to know where you’re sure to find Canucks at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity? Here’s a handy guide:

The sessions

Can you hear me now? To learn how to be a better listener, on Monday, June 17, people can participate in a radical workshop with the founders of Toronto-based consultancy Swim and former chief creative officers at Ogilvy & Mather, Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk. Your business (and life) partners may thank you for it.
Higher learning opp: ****    Schmoozability: ***

On Wednesday, June 19, McDonald’s chief marketing officer Joel Yashinsky and Toronto-based Tribal DDB’s managing director Andrew McCartney talk about the risks (and rewards) of embracing technology to open up the billion-dollar company to public scrutiny.
Higher learning opp: ****

On Thursday, June 20, the Globe and Mail presents Cirque du Soleil’s president and CEO Daniel Lamarre and Montreal-based Sid Lee’s chair and chief strategist Bertrand Cesvet, talking about the collision of entertainment, technology and brands.
Higher learning opp: ****

The party

The Globe and Mail‘s Canadian party on June 20 at the Plage Vegaluna (in front of the InterContinental) at 7:00 p.m, will be the Canadian Who’s Who of Cannes. This exclusive party is for Canucks only, so be sure you get a wristband (which is made of counterfeit-proof metal). Expect plenty of Canadian beer, networking and Cirque du Soleil acrobats
Schmoozability: *****    Hangover guarantee: ***

The restaurant

Wander into Le Jade on Rue Pasteur if you crave Asian food (instead of French). While you’re waiting, check out the mass of business cards shoved between the glass top and the table to see the world-wide folks who’ve come before you (and of course, add one of your own).
Tasty Treats: ****    Schmoozability: **    Hangover guarantee: *

Jonesing for your double double and donut? Fear not: Coffee & Cookies, on Square Mérimée, has you covered. Just a short walk away from the Palais Club, the little shop carries your café staples like coffee, bagels and pastries – and, of course, donuts.
Tasty treats: *****


Unless you’re a total Cannes noob, you’ve probably heard of the Gutter Bar (and maybe even had a drink or six there). Known during the rest of the year as 72 Croisette, the Gutter Bar is where the folks of ad land converge after a long day of mingling.
Hangover guarantee: *****    Schmoozability (if you can remember in the morning): **