Pogo starts the great condiment debate

The ConAgra Foods brand has launched a Quebec-focused TV and social campaign to decide whether ketchup or mustard is the best.

ConAgra Foods brand Pogo is looking to settle the longstanding feud between ketchup and mustard lovers in Quebec with a new campaign that will let consumers determine which condiment is better.

The campaign is targeted at teens and young adults, and features creative by Blammo and media by Starcom. Currently, the campaign relies on a TV spot and a partnership with Musique Plus to help kick it off.

In the spot, two Pogos meet, fall in love and find happiness until one comes home to discover that its partner is a secret ketchup lover (the other is a mustard fiend).

Pogo will also rely on social media to ask consumers how they’d like to see the debate settled, and create additional content for Musique Plus based on their ideas.

Michael Murray, CCO, Blammo, says that a partnership with Musique Plus was a perfect fit for Pogo because it has a built-in audience of teens and young adults, and it also has an established social media infrastructure that Pogo can leverage on top of its own that will help amplify the TV creative.

He says the idea to get consumers involved by playing off a part of Quebec’s culture and creating content based on their suggestions is something new for the brand.

The ketchup-mustard debate will be settled once and for all around Labour Day, when the campaign is scheduled to end.