Tennis Canada takes on hockey

The organization is positioning tennis as an affordable alternative for kids who don't want to play hockey with TV spots during the Rogers Cup.

Tennis Canada is trying to drive donations by letting parents know that tennis is an affordable sport to enroll their kids in if they’re not fans of Canada’s favourite pastime, hockey.

With creative by Bensimon Byrne, the organization’s new PSA campaign is targeted at parents with kids under the age of 10. It leverages Tennis Canada’s TV inventory for the upcoming Rogers Cup, with two spots airing on TSN, RDS and SRC.

A third campaign spot will follow for the Davis Cup and air on Sportsnet and TVA Sports, after which Tennis Canada may enlist a media agency to help it place additional spots.

The creative for the campaign depicts kids who are not so excited about playing hockey, but end up realizing that they enjoy playing tennis.

Joseph Bonnici, partner and creative director, Bensimon Byrne, says that the Rogers Cup and Davis Cup were ideal times to air these new spots because Canada has become a force in tennis and the high-profile talent playing in both tournaments will mean that a broader audience than just tennis enthusiasts will be watching.

He says that since parents already know the benefits of enrolling kids in sports, it was important for Tennis Canada to do something different to strike a chord with Canadians.