Subaru Canada launches an Impreza duel

The carmaker is relying on a heavier than usual investment in 60-second TV spots to showcase the driving experience of the new models of the vehicle.

Leveraging the classic song “Duelling Banjos,” Subaru Canada is pitting its four-door and five-door Imprezas against each other in a new campaign to promote the launch of the 2014 models of both vehicles.

With creative by DDB and media by OMD, the campaign is targeted primarily at adults aged 30 to 40, and relies on a specialty TV buy across channels like Sportsnet and TSN with a heavier than usual investment in 60-second spots.

The spots feature a couple racing their respective Impreza models across desert flats to the tune of an updated “Duelling Banjos.” Rob Sturch, ACD, DDB, says that this creative approach is new for both Subaru and for a vehicle in the compact category, adding that such an environment is usually reserved for higher-end vehicles.

The campaign is being supported by print buys in The Grid, the Hockey News, Maclean’s and Vancouver-based entertainment weekly The Georgia Straight, as well as 60-second cinema spots and online pre-roll, which will roll out in mid-November.

Paul Riss, ACD, DDB, says that leveraging cinemas, entertainment weeklies and other environments where consumers go to be entertained was a good fit for the campaign because it’s focused on pushing the entertainment factor of the Impreza.

Scott Barr, account director, DDB, adds that the campaign will be Subaru’s second largest marketing initiative of the year, noting that it will run in two flights, with the first in market until mid-December and the second flight running from January to March with refreshed creative.