CASSIES Bronze: Knorr answers the eternal question

The Unilever brand addresses "What's for dinner?" by providing everyday meal ideas.

Off to a Good Start
Best Insight

Situation Analysis »  Through 2011, Knorr’s share was declining at a double digits rate. There were three factors: competitive price promotion; superior innovation from companies like Kraft, Campbell’s and Uncle Ben’s; and lack of clarity in what Knorr stood for.

Strategy & Insight » The first step was to focus the message on a single consumer – women with kids under 12. Research showed that at 4 p.m. each day, three quarters of these women didn’t know what they would prepare for dinner. So Knorr would answer the timeless question, “What’s for Dinner?”

Execution » This was a full-year, fully-integrated program, using TV, radio, direct-to-home, e-mail, social media, mobile, digital and in-store – with a focus on the latter two. It launched in Sept. 2012, and the central idea was “simplification.” Traditional, complicated recipes were re-presented in easy-to-follow steps, with Knorr as the expert source for everyday meal ideas.

Results » Share since launch is ahead 27 basis points compared to the previous declines. In addition, a special “Test versus Control” panel designed by Nielsen showed retail outlets participating in “What’s for Dinner?” had significantly better results than non-participants. (Figures were supplied.)

Cause & Effect » Along with evidence from the Nielsen panel, the program delivered highly positive awareness, engagement and brand reputation results and is being rolled out to other countries.


Client: Unilever Canada
VP, brand building: Sharon MacLeod
Director of marketing, foods: Alison Leung
Marketing manager, savoury: Brenda Demers
Senior asst. brand building managers: Aaron Daniel, Jessica Van-Rooyen, Ashleigh Meilach, Izabella Veress
Shopper marketing team lead: Bill Carlson
Shopper marketing managers: Kristina Kovar, Toula Stathopoulos, Stephanie Lombardi, Marie-Pierre Mathieu
Manager consumer marketing insights: Joseph Chen
Associate manager consumer marketing insights: Steve Olsen
Assistant shopper marketing manager, Quebec: Philippe Archambault
Senior consumer culinary professional: Sarah Page
Assistant nutrition and health manager: Carolyn Callio
Agency: Ariad Communications
SVP: Baron Manett
VP: Tracy Smith
Account director: Josh MacKinnon
Account manager: Ashleigh Johnson
Account executive: Danae Gagales
CDs: Rob Ciancamerla, Neil Woodley
AD: Vince Rozas
Senior editor: Mary Lynn Smith
Production manager: Teresa Baldesarra
Media: Mindshare
Director, invention/digital: James MacRae
Director, invention: Andrea Miliauskas
Director, exchange trading: Janine Maillet
Manager, invention: Tommy Quach
Digital manager: Nicole Pella
Social Media & PR: Edelman
VP: Rob Manne
Account Director: Tricia Soltys
Senior digital account manager: Andrew Stewart
Digital account executive: Christine Lu
Shopper marketing: Integrated
Senior account director: Yanna Boland
Account Supervisor: Sara White