Kraft Dinner gets wacky

Working with its new AOR Anomaly, KD rolls out a new brand voice and target demo, going after consumers with a youthful state of mind.

In its latest TV campaign, Kraft Dinner is getting a bit wacky, hoping to rekindle your memories of a happy childhood.

The campaign marks a number of firsts for the brand, including the first push since new CMO Tony Matta took the helm and put a refocus on Kraft Canada’s most iconic lines, which includes KD. The campaign represents a new tone in the voice and a new target demographic, which won’t be defined by age or gender, says Kristen Eyre, brand director, Kraft Dinner.

Finally, it’s the first campaign from the brand’s new AOR, Anomaly, which picked up the account late last year from Taxi. Taxi retains other Kraft brands, including Mio, Crystal Light, peanut butter brands and salad dressings.

The new commercial, which features a talking horse guiding grown-ups to a field to play, is being supported by a digital and social push, and will be supported by experiential in the next few weeks (though Eyre remained mum on those plans).

The brief tasked the agency to create an epic, memorable and fun spot. “With this new work KD is inviting Canadians to let their fun out. We decided early on that the work couldn’t just talk about being fun - it had to be fun (and what’s more fun than a talking horse?),” Eyre says.

The new spot, which officially launched in March with a 60-second on a lightly rotated media buy, has ramped up its presence late last week with a 30-second spot in heavier rotation. In May, expect to see the 15-second cut hit the airwaves. Media buy was handled by Starcom MediaVest.

“[KD] is near universal for Canadians – everybody eats Kraft Dinner. It’s a cradle-to-grave brand,” Eyre says. “You grow up with it as a child, eat it as a teenager, make it for your kids or grandkids. So to focus on one demographic [doesn't] cast a wide enough net. So our target is people who believe that life without pleasure is a state of survival.”

This wide demographic helped them realize the commonality between all groups (kids, teens, parents, seniors) is Kraft Dinner tends to represent happy times from youth, tapping into the growing nostalgia movement. 

She says the new raison d’etre of the brand is: “Kraft Dinner wants to champion that carefree abandon by encouraging Canadians to let their fun out and rewarding those who do.”