Back Page: How to make it in the ad biz

Definitely real, 100% accurate advice from a veteran adman (a.k.a. BBDO's Peter Ignazi) to young creatives starting out.
From strategy‘s June issue, BBDO Toronto’s Peter Ignazi offers some encouraging words for youngsters looking to break into the industry.

ot much has changed in this business from when I started out. There are a couple of easy things to remember that should ensure that you have a fruitful career. First off, you must be “digital.” I don’t care about anything else. Nobody cares about anything else. Except for “mobile.” That’s way more important. You must “earn” media. No one is going to buy it for you.

We need 360 campaigns. No, actually that sounds archaic as I write it. We need 370 campaigns. Content is king. You must be his queen. Own the conversation. No matter what it’s about, own it. Native advertising trends are what the cognoscenti are talking about in New York. Ignore them. Pretentious assholes. You’ve heard of 3D printing? Congratulations young man, you’re a dinosaur for even considering the question.

What you should actually consider is analytics. Consider it, but don’t analyze it. I’m sorry, did you just say “campaign.” I think what you meant to say was “platform.” Let me be clear, CRM is what it’s all about. And by “CRM” I mean “Customer Relationship Management” and I also mean “Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing” (the “S” in the latter is silent). No creative director worth her salt in this town would expect any less than you excelling at both at the same time. Combine them.

Call it CCRRMM.

Too late kid, I just coined that term. It belongs to Omnicom now.

What else is there?

Hmm. I think that’s it.

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