Yellow Submarine meets augmented reality

To promote its latest exhibit, the Ontario Science Centre is rocking like a hurricane with a new app.

science centre

To promote the latest exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre, the Toronto attraction and Cleansheet Communications are rolling out an augmented reality app and mass campaign to help consumers figure out their own “rockquation.”

“The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll” will explore the history, and yes, science behind rock music, such as why certain notes strike a chord with consumers or particular riffs make you want to bang your head.

The crux of the campaign is an augmented reality app that assesses your rock “personality,” says Neil McOstrich, co-founder/chief storytelling officer, Cleansheet Communications. Consumers who download the app are invited to have their photo taken and then choose five of 40 symbols (such as VW Westphalia bug or punk rock safety pin) that represent their musical persona. The data is crunched together and the app spits out a “rockquation,” complete with a stage name. An avatar of the consumer comes on screen with an instrument that represents the musical genre based on the symbols they chose, and basically gets down with their miniature self. The new app will be promoted and supported by a print, OOH, radio and mobile campaign, handled by ZenithOptimedia.

“It’s edutainment,” McOstrich says.

The app will be triggered by the supporting traditional material, coming to life when someone points it at a transit or Toronto Star ad, he adds.

The campaign is largely targeted at families – the core demographic of the Science Centre – but has great appeal to everyone, he says, because music is so universal.