Mucho Burrito makes an offer diners can’t refuse

A horse's head, bloody candy and a screaming Mexican. Now that's how a brand makes its TV debut.

Trust a burrito brand to take one of the most grizzly scenes (not to mention one of the most famous in film history) from The Godfather and somehow make a laughable TV spot out of it.

Mucho Burrito has launched its first-ever television commercial today, with a twist to the famous scene where Jack Woltz finds a bloody, horse head in his bed. However, instead of a Jewish film producer finding his prized stallion, a nameless Mexican man finds a battered piñata horse head with candy spread all over his sheets. The tagline says it all, “We do everything authentically Mexican.”

It’s not unusual for the brand to push the envelope with its advertising. Denise Rossetto, partner and ECD at DougSerge+partners (the agency behind the creative), says Mucho Burrito has always tried to break through by adding personality with an outspoken Mexican character to its out-of-home, radio, online and in-store ads. And while this is the first time the brand has brought its quirky tone to TV, it didn’t hold back on being edgy, she says, adding that the brand chose to go more mass with a spot due to research findings that showed TV was the best medium to reach its audience of highly-educated urban adults ages 25 to 49.

The spot will run for six weeks, with media by Cairns Oneil.

In the Mexican dining category, Todd Mackie, partner and ECD at the agency, notes that most of Mucho Burrito’s competitors also place emphasis on their authority in Mexican cuisine, however he adds that the brand doesn’t get too caught up in the theme by adding humour and having some fun with it. He says the agency has been working with Mucho Burrito for the past four years, and in that time, it’s seen same-store sales double.