Kraft Dinner moves to Union

Just months after bowing a new brand platform by Anomaly, Kraft Canada is trying a new agency for the iconic food.
kraft dinner

Kraft officials have confirmed that mere months after awarding the account to Anomaly, Kraft Dinner has shifted to Union.

Anomaly picked up the account late last year from Taxi Canada in a reshuffle of some of Kraft’s brands. It has since helped the iconic Canadian brand reposition itself around the concept of “fun,” with a campaign launched in April featuring a talking horse, and more recently a swag store that you pay for KD-themed items with “fun” (i.e. juggling, dancing, etc.).

The shift to Union was based on the agency being the right fit “right now,” according to a spokesperson from Kraft. Union already works with Kraft’s Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Kraft Singles. Current Union partner and ECD Lance Martin had previously worked on the Kraft brand while at Taxi 2.

Martin says there was no pitch for the account, and the agency was awarded the business mid-month as a result of its work on Philly and the strength of its performance. He adds that the team is doing a lot of strategic work at the moment, and “reviewing everything” to see how it can build on the existing work.

“From our side, we were very surprised by the move,” said Franke Rodriguez, partner and president at Anomaly, via email. “That said, we had a lot of fun partnering with the brand over the last year, we love the work we produced (“Let Your Fun Out!!”) and we wish them all the best.”