Keep your legs (and work) solid at this desk

Offices may soon be the new fitness studios with this pedal-powered work station.

Copied from Stimulant - peddle deskSitting is the new smoking. It seems we’re reminded of this a lot lately, and there could be a way around cutting your life short and keeping active, without having to get one of those blue wobbly balance balls or overpriced hydraulic desks.

In Europe’s libraries, hotels and airports, there exists a work table that’s no ordinary piece of furniture, but one that invites people to pedal and power their phones and other electronics.

It’s called a WeBike, by the company WeWatt, and even uses recycled material from the wooden tabletops to the leather seats. Soon, there will be an office version for companies to purchase, and they’re also reported to come with a handy counter that clocks in how much cycling you’ve done for the day.

Well, it sure beats cycling in the city. The only hazard would be a chatty colleague who won’t leave you alone, but you could always forget to wear deodorant to the office.

From Stimulant. H/T Fast Company