Infographic: Big brands command big sales

True fact: the U.S.'s annual serving of Lay's chips is heavier than an aircraft carrier, and other massive consumption info.

There’s a short documentary series by Bloomberg that you can currently stream on Netflix. It’s called Inside and it documents what goes on behind the scenes of major companies. When the news pub entered the doors of McDonald’s, it found some rather astonishing stats and facts, like how it uses 43 million pounds of tomatoes, 102 million pounds of lettuce and 231 million pounds of cheese for its burgers each year. That’s no small order.

And McDonald’s isn’t the only big brand to amass big numbers, as this infographic shows below. The illustration, from Finances Online, reveals the prevalence of certain products by calculating how many iPads have been purchased since 2010 (hint: it’s enough to circle the Earth once if each tablet was put side to side), how many bags of Lay’s Americans will consume each year and even the pervasiveness of the Harry Potter franchise.

Check out the graphic below to find out more about some of the world’s top-selling products.

product infographic