Finding Sweet Jesus

The latest venture from OneMethod's Methlab takes a stab at frozen treats.

Get ready for Sweet Jesus, a new frozen dessert venture from the chefs at OneMethod’s Methlab.

Andrew Richmond, founder of restaurants La Carnita and Home of the Brave, and former OneMethod design director, is at it again, opening up the ice cream shop with a soft-serve soft launch today at the agency’s office.

It’s “pimped out” ice cream, including a chocolate and vanilla banana caramel pie-like cone or the cotton candy and vanilla concoction.

“I’ve had an affinity for soft-serve for a long time,” Richmond says.

The official debut of Sweet Jesus will take place next week at an agency event taking place at Tryst nightclub, where it will serve as a caterer. Afterwards, it will be integrated into Home of the Brave, as a separate brand, and then come spring, the goal is to open up a standalone shop.

It’s the latest food launch from the Bensimon Byrne-owned agency, which has a proclivity towards tasty treats. It all started with the agency’s efforts with La Carnita, a Mexican restaurant born within the agency walls, when Richmond and OneMethod president Amin Todai began experimenting with tacos. Without a proper food licence, it sold art prints for $10 with free tacos on the side. Quantities were limited – 150 taco/art print combos – and word quickly spread, which made lineups a common sight. After finding an affordable location on College Street, Todai and Richmond moved the shop to become a full-fledged restaurant.

Richmond has since spun off to dedicate his time fully to his restaurant ventures, though he still works out of OneMethod and within the Methlab, which Richmond also runs.

“We were able to integrate [food and cooking] into the daily routine at OneMethod,” says Richmond. “It breeds creativity [and] bent the norm a bit for what an agency could be.”

Sweet Jesus follows another recent launch from the Methlab, a clothing line called Onemeth creative goods. The inaugural lineup is a take on free trade between Canada and the U.S., featuring black tees with gold lettering or prints playing off symbols and travel between the two nations.