Sport Chek adds mystery to back-to-school

The retailer is pushing into the BTS battle with a school locker students can actually get excited about.

Sport Chek is unlocking a back-to-school campaign this afternoon at the Toronto Eaton Centre.

A large, red locker has been set up in the mall, an experiential effort done with Sid Lee and North Strategic to drive consumer engagement during a key period for the retailer. To take part, students can receive a combination from a Sport Chek rep either near the “Mystery Locker” or at the Sport Chek store in the mall, then enter the combo at the locker for a chance to win back-to-school themed prizes like shoes, backpacks or clothing, along with tickets to sporting events like an Argos, Leafs, Jays or Raptors game.

Shelley Girard, AVP Marketing at FGL Sports, says the back-to-school period is a key one for Sport Chek and it aims to be “unique in the market.” She says the experiential locker concept came out of a brief to “gamify the back-to-school time frame.” A video crew will capture consumers’ reactions to winning prizes at the locker and turn it into a video to be shared on its social channels.
“We were really looking to find a unique way to interact and engage with our customers,” Girard says.

The activation runs until Sunday, for two hours each day, at the Eaton Centre, which was selected for its high volume of foot traffic, Girard says, adding that what they learn may be applied to other activations. She says the brand chose to do the activation this week because its research showed it was the time of year that its customers were starting their back-to-school shopping.

In addition to the experiential stunt, the brand’s back-to-school campaign is backed by social and digital elements including display banners, SEM, email marketing and dynamic online video. For display, it is leveraging Real Time Bidding and display audience targeting for post-secondary students and moms with kids between the ages of six and 18. The brand says it is seeing positive results from its email campaign, which includes sending its strongest back-to-school offers to its database.

It is also offering promotional offers, including buy one, get one 50% off on Kids’ apparel.

buy one get one 50% off on Kids’ apparel

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