Infographic: Connected Canadians

A new study explores consumers' expectations for technology in 2025.

shutterstock_214172683Canadians are expecting a fair deal from technology over the next decade or so. For example, more than half believe their homes will speak to them and their cars will drive on autopilot.

A new study by McAfee Security looked at how consumers expect the future to change as a result of all our connected devices. It also found a full 76% believe wearables will be the smartphones of the future, while 60% believe a robot will help them with their job.

Canadians are surprisingly optimistic about a green future, with 70% anticipating using solar power by 2025,  and 39% expecting to get around in a hybrid car. However, Canadians are not so optimistic about their personal data, with 66% expressing concern over the state of cyber security in 11 years. They do expect to have even more personalized access to their data, with a third expecting to unlock mobile devices with a thumbprint or eye scan.

Check out the infographic below to see other expectations from consumers.

MCAFEE, INC. - Canadians anticipate a more connected world