Bulk Barn chooses Leo Burnett as AOR

The agency will help the bulk-food retailer modernize its image.

Following a multi-agency review, Bulk Barn Foods Limited has tapped Leo Burnett to help get the word out about the quality of its offerings at its stores.

The bulk food retailer, which currently operates 230 stores, said in a release it is trying to modernize its brand identity and customer communications.

Dom Caruso, president and COO at Leo Burnett, says the brand has worked with agencies in the past but never for a brand assignment of this scope.

“Our job is to really help more Canadians see what is great about Bulk Barn and to define a human purpose for that brand that is going to help explain Bulk Barn to more people,” Caruso says.

“In retail, first and foremost, your most powerful marketing weapon is the store itself,” he adds. “Our thinking is really going to be from the brand communication in the store, outwards. We’ll be looking at all channels that will help us do this strategic job.”

The retailer was founded in 1982 and carries thousands of products, such as nuts, grains and spices, baking supplies and candy, as well as health and natural food products.

Image via Shutterstock