Ring ring! Who’s there?

Take inspiration from Samsung's attempt to woo nosy customers.

Why would anyone deny a phone its life purpose? It rings. You pick it up. Easy as pie.

So when next you’re in a Samsung store, quietly and ever so gently browsing the merchandise, and you happen to hear one of the phone devices yelp out with a “ring, ring” — for heaven’s sake, answer it please. You’ll be saving the rest of us from hearing the annoying buzzing, and better yet, you could win the phone in a surprise promotion that’s meant to get people to touch, hold and otherwise marvel at Samsung’s new Galaxy Alpha phones (promotion by Stockholm DDB). Hey, if people can line up for days (and days) outside an Apple store, we’re sure there are some other crazies with enough patience to run from store to store on a wild phone chase.

From Stimulant