Which brands do Canadians trust?

Toyota tops the annual Reader's Digest Trusted Brands list seven years running, more than any other company.

Is your brand trustworthy?

Reader’s Digest has released its annual Trusted Brands list for 2015, and there are a number of familiar ones making an appearance.

This year, Reader’s Digest has pulled out repeat brands to the list – highlighting its “gold” seal winners for being named a trusted brand for five years or more. Topping the list, Toyota was named twice – first as the most trusted car manufacturer (seven years running) and the most trusted hybrid car manufacturer (five years running). Sun Life Financial got the title of most trusted life insurance company (six years running). Iams is the most trusted petfood, while Coppertone gets the title in the sunscreen category (both six years running). Jamieson (vitamins), Quaker (snack bars), Yoplait (yogurt) and Sensodyne (sensitive toothpaste) have all been on the trusted brand list for five years now.

Other entrants to the list include: Air Canada, chosen as the most trusted airliner, while TD was named most trusted bank. Nestle comes onto the list as the most trusted bottled water maker, while Keurig snags the top coffee maker spot. Tim Hortons gets the title as the most trust coffee house brand and McDonald’s is the most trusted QSR. Those with coughs and colds turn to Buckley’s as the most trusted cough syrup, while Shoppers Drug Mart remains the most trusted pharmacy retailer. Home Depot was named the most trusted home improvement retailer, while Shell is the preferred gas station. A full list of trusted brands can be found here. 

And for those marketers looking for a career change, firefighters and ambulance drivers are the most trusted professions (77% and 74%, respectively), while politicians, car salespeople and telemarketers ranked last (6%, 5% and 4%, respectively).

The survey polled more than 4,000 Canadians between Aug. 26 and Sept. 2, 2014. It involved open-ended questions, asking for consumers’ most trusted brands across 40 product categories.

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