Serge Rancourt leaves DS+P

The partner has sold his shares in the agency to pursue other opportunities outside of advertising.

Serge Rancourt has left his position as partner at Toronto agency DS+P to pursue other interests outside the ad world.

Rancourt partnered with Doug Robinson five years ago and Robinson has now bought back Rancourt’s shares. “He’s decided to leave and we are going to miss him,” Robinson says. Rancourt’s last day in the office was Monday.

“I thought the time was right, the agency’s on a big high right now,” Rancourt says. He says he will be taking some time off, then pursuing other interests including investing in non-advertising related ventures, he says.

“I love advertising, I love the agency business and I’ve been in it so long, but there are other things I’m interested in that are different,” he says. “When you’ve done it for so long, it becomes repetitive and there’s so many new technologies today that make the world such an exciting place to be. and I want to dive into something different.”

Robinson says he will take on Rancourt’s day-to-day responsibilities. He could not comment on whether any new partners will be brought on.

“The agency’s doing incredibly well right now,” he says, noting its recent CASSIES win. As for the name of the agency, Robinson says there aren’t yet plans to change it or the DS+P branding.

“Things are terrific and there’s lots of planning ahead, but we want to wish Serge the very best first, and have that all go well and then we’re going to be starting to move forward and staying incredibly focused on our current clients, which we’re so proud of,” he says.

Pictured: The DS+P partners – Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie, Doug Robinson, Serge Rancourt, Adam White and Mike Welling.