Vichy works a new approach

The skin care brand's latest campaign steps away from its focus on science to find more emotional connections.

L’Oréal brand Vichy wants women to know that great skin goes hand in hand with a great lifestyle.

For its new “Vichy Works for Me” campaign, the brand teamed up with Publicis Montreal to find five brand ambassadors with different lifestyles and skin types to show how their skin care routine could be changed for the better using Vichy’s products, and how the products fits into their lifestyle.

Working with Toast Productions, the brand created five 60-second videos showcasing women of various ages with different lifestyles and which Vichy products would work best for them, with help from Vichy experts featured in the videos. Each woman’s page on the “Vichy Works for Me” website also includes expert tips and information on improving lifestyle from a nutritionist, dermatologist, life coach and Vichy’s in-house experts.

The brand has also created online videos on its YouTube channel highlighting how lifestyle factors – from a hectic schedule to menopause – have an impact on your skin.

The campaign idea came from consumer research that suggested that non-users of Vichy products had comparatively poor perception of the brand, so the skin care company wanted to connect with those women on a more emotional level.

“The main priority that we had for this campaign was authenticity, and it was a challenge for us because we’re really anchored in the most traditional way of doing beauty [marketing] with innovation and results-driven products, so we had to de-program ourselves,” says Annie Grégoire, marketing director at the brand.

The campaign was launched in drug stores in early March and will be deployed on the campaign’s website and on social media with the haghtag #VichyWorksForMe for the rest of the year, with the media buy executed by Group M. The brand will be using a retargeting approach so that consumers hit with its traditional ads will later see the longer videos featuring the brand ambassadors, in an attempt to gain new users for the product.