PC Financial wants you to celebrate

The banking brand's latest campaign is all about that awesome feeling of saving some cash.


Saving money is always a good feeling, but President’s Choice Financial thinks it’s really worth celebrating.

In a new TV spot created by PC’s creative AOR Sid Lee, the financial arm of the Loblaw brand is showcasing how its no-fee bank account can potentially save you up to $200 per year.

No-fee banking sounds appealing but can also be confusing, as customers might not understand what they’re really saving on (whether it’s no monthly fees, free cheques or free debit transactions), says Andy MacPherson, VP of product marketing for PC Financial. “There is some skepticism when you tell people that there’s no everyday bank fees, because Canadians are used to paying bank fees,” he says.

Based on that, the new ad campaign is looking to highlight the overall benefit of saving money, by showing a very excited dad using a gadget that shoots out money to show his family how much he’s saved with his no-fee account (including by making it rain at his child’s birthday party).

“$200 [savings] in bank fees is not an exciting topic, and so we tried to think of a fun, unique way that’s in our authentic, approachable, witty personality to demonstrate this,” MacPherson says.

The latest TV campaign features 30- second and 15-second versions, and will be supported with paid social and digital elements, with MediaCom leading the buy. The brand is also planning upcoming experiential elements in its PC Financial pavilions at Loblaws locations that have a similar celebratory theme to the spots.

The goals of the campaign are around both customer acquisition and awareness. The campaign’s style is in line with a recent spot for the PC Financial MasterCard, featuring a family looking for any reason to celebrate, including their son’s first girlfriend. “In the last two years we’ve stepped up our above-the-line presence for PC Financial,” MacPherson says.

“Believe it or not, after 16 years, people are aware of President’s Choice Financial but there’s still some work to do on their understanding and comprehension of our specific banking products.”