HomeSense augments your space

The retailer hopes its augmented reality ads will encourage people to refresh their spaces with new items.

Not sure that throw cushion is your style? Figuring out if a gallery wall is more up your alley than your statement painting? HomeSense wants to help.

Along with AOR Sid Lee and media buyer Starcom, the retailer has launched a national magazine ad campaign encouraging consumers to use mobile app Blippar to see how their space can be transformed with small additions – or what it calls “room changers.”

By using the app to interact with the ads, users can play around with the placement of different accessories, like pieces of art or dinnerware and help figure out their personal style. They can then save their looks to their phone, or share them through email, text message or social media.

“I think we really wanted to show Canadians how easy it is to reinvent their space and their style,” without having to do a major renovation or overhaul, says Eve Rémillard-Larose, VP, account services at Sid Lee. “I think what’s even nicer with this app is that you can then use it within your home.”

Because each HomeSense location carries unique selections, the app is more to help people figure out their style and what sorts of purchases they might want to make when they visit the store, rather than acting as a form of e-commerce, she adds.