Shopper Innovation Awards: Longo’s personalizes shopping trips

The retailer and its agency developed a digital and mobile loyalty program, tracking customer behaviour around content and conversion on recommendations.

Longos Customer Engagement projectThis story appears in the May 2015 issue of strategy.

Bronze: Loyalty

Longo’s partnered with Unata to develop a digital and mobile loyalty program. The grocery chain wanted it to be a personalized mobile experience for its customers, as well as a digital equivalent of its flyer, which would have the ability to tailor content for each customer.

Over three months, Unata tapped into Longo’s inventory and CRM data, gaining access to years of historical loyalty data, and launched a mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Using the app, consumers can build a shopping list, access the entire Longo’s product catalogue and store-by-store inventory, use their phone as a “digital loyalty card” at checkout and instantly earn points by completing tasks.

Each shopper is sent a customized digital flyer, with the specials and offers for each user based on Unata’s proprietary predictive analytics algorithms (which analyzes past purchases and related products to create the personalized flyers).

Unata’s analytics dashboard also provides Longo’s with a holistic view of its customers’ behaviour, including what content is viewed, what they’re adding to their shopping list, in-store engagement, purchase behaviour and product feedback. It also tracks whether app activity occurs at home or in store, and how often a recommended item converts into a purchase.

Results show that mobile users had a 61% higher spend and 72% higher visit frequency than the average loyalty member. Also, 85% used the app within 24 hours of making a purchase, 30% of the products on shopping lists were recommended by the platform and 41% of products added to the shopping list were purchased. What’s more, 75% of users have continued to use the app since their first transaction.



Advertiser: Longo’s
Agency: Unata