Cossette hits the ice with CCM

The agency will review the hockey brand's digital strategy and design its new web presence.

It’s time for Cossette to lace up, as it partners with Reebok-CCM Hockey to revamp the brand’s online presence.

The agency will be working with the hockey equipment brand to review its digital strategy and design its new website.

“This is our first project [with CCM], and obviously we’re hoping we might get others in the future, but this is the first for now,” says Malik Yacoubi, VP of technology at Cossette. “It’s a bit of a larger project than just redesigning a website, because it’s truly about positioning a brand in a digital space, which is the main space today.”

Yacoubi says the agency will use its expertise in technology, UX and strategic planning in its approach, which were all represented in the pitch that won the work. The work will attempt to leverage CCM’s position as a leader in the hockey market and retain its branding approach while it tries to differentiate itself from competitors.

“CCM has a wide variety of products and is aligning them with great names and players that are truly involved in the social aspect of the community,” he says. “So the idea is, how can we take all of these different pieces and bring them together in a coherent and logical digital strategy? At the end of the day, that’s what should be represented in the site.”

Montreal’s Exacto Communications remains Reebok-CCM Hockey’s AOR in Canada, most recently working on a digital-heavy campaign for the Tacks skate brand.

Image courtesy Shutterstock