Hydro Quebec picks Lg2 and Touche!

After a competitive review, the utility renews its relationship with the agencies.

Hydro Quebec has once again chosen the team of Lg2 and Touche! to handle its advertising and media, respectively.

Lg2 won the business after a competitive review launched in April that involved five agencies.

This is the second time Hydro Quebec has renewed with Lg2 since the agency first won the business in 2005.

The term of the deal is currently set at three years, with an option for two one-year renewals. The assignment covers all creative and strategy for print, broadcast and digital advertising, as well as media.

To handle the strategic planning and media elements, Lg2 will once again be partnering with Touche!, which has also had its relationship renewed. The two agencies began working together on the Hydro Quebec account in 2010.

Lg2′s past work for the utility has been wide-ranging, including spots promoting the Electric Circuit network of electric vehicle chargers, websites promoting the use of Energy Star-certified electronics and interactive display ads to help consumers decide which high-efficiency light bulbs were best for their needs.

“It’s our third mandate with the Hydro-Québec team since 2005, and our passion for this well-known brand is as strong as ever,” Julie Dubé, partner and VP of account services at Lg2, said in a release.

Hydro Quebec serves over 4.2 million customers in the province, making it one of the largest electric utility providers in Canada.

Image courtesy Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock