National Bank’s home court application

An in-bank interactive tennis game keeps clients busy while they wait.


Clients waiting for a teller at National Bank of Canada can now add fitness to their financial regimen by engaging in an impromptu game of digital tennis.

As part of its Rogers Cup activation, the bank has partnered with Montreal-based iGotcha Media to develop an interactive tennis application to supplement its sponsorship.

The digital signage company has launched its first mobile-to-digital signage app. Visitors to select branches can either scan a barcode or enter a URL in their mobile browser to hit some rallies on a court that appears on a digital screen in the bank. So far, one respondent has played the game every 15 minutes on average.

From a tech point of view, the tennis activations showcase a significant advancement. Unlike games like Wii, which require a console and a separate device, the game can be activated through a browser using a regular internet connection and a smartphone.

The Rogers Cup activation is primarily promoting the tournament and its sponsor with the added benefit of letting its clients know that it is digitally savvy, says Greg Adelstein, president of iGotcha. There is a carrot on a stick offer, too, for tennis fans. After playing a game, clients can register their name into a Rogers special draw to win tickets to some of the games.

The Rogers Cup is being played in Toronto (women’s tournament) and in Montreal (men’s tournament), and is being broadcast live on Sportsnet.

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