The moment everything changes

Yellow Pages NextHome wants to be the go-to house hunting site with its first strategic campaign.

Real estate listing company Yellow Pages NextHome has launched its first major consumer campaign to reach those looking for the exact home for them, at any time.

“Life Moments” goes through the stages of a consumer’s life, from career to family moments, showing what can happen to lead to needing a new home. The campaign is being supported through print, digital banners and radio ads that launched this week. BlackJet handled creative on the campaign with media by Media Experts.

“At its core, the search for a new home begins with something changing in someone’s life that makes them move or think about moving,” says Jacky Hill, president of Yellow Pages NextHome. “And that’s the moment where we want to have them be introduced to our site.”

Yellow Pages NextHome retained BlackJet in November 2014 in anticipation of a rebrand from Wall2Wall Media that aligned it with the broader Yellow Pages network in February. That rebrand brought with it more of a focus on its website, which combines the search for all kinds of properties including resale, rentals, condos and new buildings and factors in things like neighbourhood information and nearby amenities and services. The online service, which was relaunched in February with the rebrand, compliments Yellow Pages’ print publications, which include Renters Guide, New Home Guide and New Condo Guide.

“One of the things that made the publications successful was being able to editorialize the content,” Hill says. “Yes, something will be this many bedrooms for this price, but there can be lots of things like that. That’s when you look for the context, what’s nearby that’s important to you. We spent the last four years trying to understand what was great about searching for things online and what was missing, and it validated how important context was for making a final decision.”

While contextual data is what differentiates NextHome’s service, and even though the campaign shows that the need for a new home can hit people with all kinds of different priorities, Hill says the idea with this campaign is to build brand awareness and introduce consumers to the site, at least for the time being, and allow them to discover the full offering on their own.

“What our marketing team did previously was our own communication through our own assets,” she says. “We hadn’t necessarily launched a big strategy besides communicating product-based information to our clients. We might previously have had five or ten goals at once, so distilling the message down and driving awareness to build traffic following the rebrand was the right objective to have right now.”