Gaz Metro goes beyond gas

A new platform for Quebec's natural gas distributor shows all the ways it's contributing to "a better energy future."

Gaz Métro is looking to educate Quebecers on the ways it’s investing in the kinds of sustainable energy projects they care about with a new long-term brand platform.

The “Ready For What’s Next” campaign is being led by a spot, created by Cossette for TV and online platforms, showing a brainstorming session with Gaz Métro employees for ways the company can contribute to “a better energy future.” A number of other videos show projects the company has already undertaken. The campaign also features print ads spotlighting employees leading these projects, and how their work contributes to the company’s energy goals.

Valérie Sapin, director of marketing at Gaz Métro, says that as the main natural gas supplier for the province of Quebec, the goal for the campaign is showing how the company does more than just provide energy for a household, such as investing in things like wind and solar energy.

“Gaz Métro is known by Quebecers as the largest and main natural gas distribution company, but they might not know we do so much more than that,” she says. “What we also see is the population is actively looking for companies that are involved in social and environmental programs. But we are already involved with that…and people don’t really know that we approach energy with that kind of vision.”

Sapin points out that the campaign is not only about renewable energy, but about everything that contributes to a better energy future, like responsible usage, investing in new sources of fuel and waste management.

Gaz Métro’s previous marketing was a more practical look at natural gas as an energy source, showing all the situations in which it can be used and differentiating it from electricity.

“We wanted [Quebecers] to know that we are using our leadership in the sector in a way that’s beneficial for everyone,” Sapin says. “We had so many projects in our portfolio, and now was the right time for Quebecers to know about them. This is the first phase of the campaign and we’re starting now to think about how it will evolve as those projects do.”