Saturday Halloween means higher spending

Good news for the candy cos: a new survey finds Canadians plan to spend more on the spooky day this year.

Excitement over this Halloween falling on a Saturday (for the first time in six years) means higher spending for some Canadians.

In a new survey of just over 3,000 Canadians from, 66% said that the Saturday date means they will spend more money on their celebrations. What’s more, 64% plan to hand out candy this year, compared with only 50% last year. Atlantic Canadians are most festive, with 80% planning to hand out candy, while only 46% of Quebecers are planning to do the same.

More than half (51%) said they plan to buy candy for themselves though, and 72% say they buy more candy than they need so they can have the leftovers.

Overall, the average person plans to spend $169 on the celebration altogether and just over $40 on Halloween candy, with many motivated by having the best candy in the neighbourhood, according to the survey. Albertans plan to spend the most, around $200.

Other Halloween expenses include:

Attending a party: $77
Alcohol: $55
Costumes: $52
Entertainment (performers, music, bar cover, etc.): $48
Decorations: $43
Candy: $42

Image courtesy of Shutterstock