The Agency A List – Big Creative Ideas

Thinking differently is an effective business strategy. What does it take to take the Agency A-list? Check out lessons from Zulu Alpha Kilo, North Strategic and Taxi.


Getting creative makes good business sense. Just look at 2014′s Cannes Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix winner “Guilt Trip” for V/Line by McCann Melbourne, encouraging parents to buy pre-paid train tickets and send their kids guilt-laden messages to encourage home visits, resulting in $4 million additional revenue, exceeding the target by 167%.

But we’re not just talking about out-of-the-box advertising or really clever executions – though creative marketing has, consistently, proven to be successful. Thinking differently in all aspects of a business can drive results.

Just look at this year’s featured Creative Agencies, such as Zulu Alpha Kilo, which tries to get creative about everything it does, from the way it works with its clients, to how it approaches taglines. And it’s seeing continued growth for itself and its clients.

Or TAXI, which puts strategy first, knowing great creative will follow (and it’s working, winning the shop new biz across the country).

Or North Strategic, which has captured a bevvy of “PR Agency of the Year” titles for being an atypical PR shop.

These creative shops are proving that marching to the beat of your own drum doesn’t just differentiate you from the pack, it makes smart business sense.