Check it out: When art meets advertising

DentsuBos and 360i "Flip the Script" to show that filmmaking and marketing are more alike than you'd think.

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What can advertising and filmmaking possibly have in common? Plenty, according to DentsuBos and 360i Canada. The sister shops have joined together to create a web series that is meant to “Flip the Script” and show the parallels between the two creative worlds. They’re interviewing artists, creators and entrepreneurs about the things that make ads and films so alike. To kick off the series, the agencies partnered with Elevation Pictures to speak with Lenny Abrahamson, the Canadian director of the TIFF People’s Choice winner Room.

In this first video, they even invited an audience to watch the interview as it took places in DentsuBos/360i’s downtown Toronto offices, and in the future, they’ll be opening the mic to guests to ask questions during the interviews. Next up, they plan to flip the script with Robert Eggers, a Sundance winning director of The Witch (which opens in theatres on Feb. 26, 2016).

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