Check it out: No spec pork

Zulu keeps the conversation going with extended looks at what happens when other businesses are asked to work for free.

November began with Zulu Alpha Kilo taking a stand against spec work, and it looks like it’ll close with it, too.

The original video showing what happens when people in other industries are asked to provide their work for free, created for strategy’s Agency of the Year gala, has now topped 1.6 million views and has touched a nerve in the industry, both here and internationally. Zak Mroueh, CCO & CEO at Zulu, says agencies as far as China have asked for copies to share with their communities, and pitch consultants in New York and Poland have asked permission to share the videos with clients.

In response to that popularity, Zulu initially set up a “#SayNoToSpec” website where people on social media could share their own stories (a page now populated with several different languages as the video has spread). As a more light-hearted way to engage with the video’s popularity and keep the conversation going, the agency has now released extended versions of the interactions the star of the video had with chefs, butchers, baristas and a personal trainer.

Check out all four new videos in the playlist below: