What are your #priceincentives?

Agency folks get behind the social media craze of promising life and limb for David Price to stay in TO.


The word “fan” comes from “fanatic,” and before this week, we didn’t look too much into the derivation. Not until a fan of David Price stated, on Twitter, that he would let the baseball player rename his newborn baby, but on one condition: he would have to renew his contract with the Blue Jays and play for another season. Not a bad deal, right? Well, it gets better (for Price, that is). Restaurant chain Mucho Burrito is offering the pitching ace a lifetime supply of burritos, while some people are promising sailing and skiing trips, parenting classes, camera rentals, chicken waffle sandwiches and many other enticing incentives.

The idea to sway Price with promises came from the creative team over at DS+P during the playoffs. They were thinking about the future and what would happen if the player didn’t sign with the Jays when his contract expires at the end of this year. So they created the hashtag #priceincentives and a dedicated website for all the tweets that would subsequently pour in once people started to think of ways to entice the man to stay. There was a bit of a teaser campaign back in October, when the agency put up posters around the Toronto stadium. But now, with contract renewal discussions taking place, the hashtag and campaign are back in full swing.



And as it turns out, DS+P wasn’t the only one thinking about prizes to keep Price. Another hub collects all the things fan would do if the player stays with the Jays. But instead of posting their promises to Twitter, the “Any Price for David” site takes it one step further and gets people to come up with (what we’ll call) tokens of their appreciation for his loyalty, and insists that they’re included in Price’s contract as actual clauses. Today, the 9,967 (you read right) personal clauses are being sent to Price’s agent. And if they take this seriously, the player will have dancing lessons, homemade chicken soup, a fan swimming the Atlantic ocean in nothing but his birthday suit on his behalf, as well as a dog sitter and other friendly propositions to add to his list.

Anyone placing bets on someone offering up a kidney next?

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