Check it out: Zulu’s evolving blank slate

For its anniversary, the agency makes one last addition to a seven-year art project.
Copied from Stimulant - zulumural

The big guy upstairs needed seven days to create the world, a person requires about seven weeks to reach sobriety, and astronauts need approximately seven months to travel to Mars.

And this week we learned that Zulu Alpha Kilo needed seven years to create a painting.

The agency, along with almost everyone that walked through its doors, has been adding colours and shapes to a communal canvas that’s been sitting in its lobby since the day it opened up shop back in 2008. And yesterday, Zulu released a timelapse video of the process, taking selections of thousands of clips of people — from creatives to clients to colleagues (such as Paul Lavoie, Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin) to celebrities (even a certain future prime minister) — adding their mark to the painting, and creating a mini-doc of the piece as it developed into something quite arresting.

The end has a nice twist, which we won’t give away, but we will share a hint in some words shared by CCO and founder Zak Mroueh to explain their reasoning behind the final strokes (which were also his first contributions to the mural): “…[the final art piece is] a reminder of where we’ve been, but also where we’re going.”

From Stimulant. You just read about a “Passion Project,” a weird and wonderful thing keeping creatives busy when they’re not hard at work in the agency world. Have your own side project like the one above? Read about more Passion Projects on Stimulant, then email Jen Horn with your passion for the chance to be featured.