Check it out: A three-hour ad that saves time?

Why one technology brand is eschewing 30- and 15-second spots to get its message across.

EnOcean thinks using its “energy harvesting” technology can save customers a lot of time, and is willing to show that off in a new ad.

The company’s technology, which allows switches and sensors to work without wires or batteries, takes about 10 minutes to install, versus traditional switches, which can take more than three hours and are labour-intensive, involving tasks like opening up walls and running wires. In other words, a person could install a thermostat, for example, anywhere, and quickly.

To show off how much time can be saved, EnOcean worked with Montreal agency Alfred on a “Slow Ad” – a three hour and 20 minute online video spot of a guy killing some time.

The spot is running on EnOcean’s website and YouTube channel.

But if you lack the patience for that spot, don’t worry. Alfred created two other spots of more reasonable length to tout EnOcean’s benefits.