Check it out: All the colours of Newfoundland

The latest spot for Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism by Target focuses on bright, captivating images.
Copied from Stimulant - nfldtourism

What better way to feel a connection to a place than with really, really pretty images?

As a follow-up to the “Find Yourself” campaign that was an awards circuit darling in 2012, agency Target brought director Paul Santana to Newfoundland and Labrador for three weeks of filming to create the newest spot for the province’s tourism board. Santana clearly had plenty to capture in that time, as the spot is a compilation of broad, beautiful coastal landscapes and intimate shots of small towns, all tied together by their stunning colours (something that might surprise people who buy in to notions of the province being wet, dark and dreary). The spot seems to be a slight departure from the personal, spiritual connection “Find Yourself” was aiming for, but the lyrics of “Colours” by Kira Willey that play during the video spell out exactly why it’s difficult to not experience a personal connection with the captivating shots.

From Stimulant