Siempre Tequila’s underground campaign

The brand's experiential push plays on Toronto's Prohibition era.


We first told you about Siempre Tequila last fall and its efforts to shake up perceptions about the drink. Now it’s one of the driving forces trying to change the way people view parties in Toronto, starting with a Prohibition-themed party that is (appropriately) being kept very hush-hush.

Hints about the party’s location – which won’t be officially revealed until the day before – and what to expect once you get there have been popping up around Toronto in the form of chalk stencils and posts on social media, and last week it dropped its biggest one yet: a map of Toronto circa the Prohibition era, suggesting the party is going to be happening somewhere south of Queen Street between Spadina and Bay.


Based on the cryptic hints so far, the party will include food by Chef Joe Friday (founder of Toronto cook-off event Underground Chef Battles), drinks from Siempre, Jack Daniels and Ace Hill Brewery, burlesque performances, casino games (for charity) and live music. Music site also published a suspiciously-timed story last week about the “rumoured” line-up for the party, which includes local DJs and hip-hop artists DJ Dames Nellas, Melanie Durrant, Tom Wrecks, DJ Live With Mase and Techtwelve.

The party is the first project by Underground6ix, a collaboration between the founders of Siempre and Underground Chef Battles to bring more of an experiential approach to nightlife in Toronto by working with other start-ups. The prohibition party also involves the help of PR agency Karyzma, Mark Sarson’s luxury concierge startup The Opulent Club and designer David White, who recently created the decor for Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. And even though the faux speakeasy is becoming a bit of a trend, we appreciate the work that went into recreating the feeling of access to the underground club only being available to those “in the know.”

From Stimulant