Check it out: Leave your ego at the arena door

A new campaign for the Americas Masters Games shows why "sport for all" can have a downside.


The Americas Masters Games, taking place for the first time later this summer in Vancouver, are unique in the world of international sports. Focusing on the idea of “sport for all” and based on a concept previously used in Europe, the games are open to any pan-American athlete that is at least 30 years old (with no upper age limit), meaning everyone from your rec league buddies to former Olympians will be competing side-by-side in a field of over 7,000 athletes in 24 different sports over nine days. But even though inclusiveness in sports is something we definitely need more of, could there be a downside to it?

Created by 123w, these three spots promoting the games show what happens when a combination of competitive spirit and playing in some of Vancouver’s pro-level venues get the better of a few athletes’ egos.

From Stimulant