What about Gen X?

A new report from Yahoo! takes a look at the demo that's less talked about of late.

Yahoo! Canada recently completed a demographic study of Canadians. And it wasn’t focused on millennials.

The study covered the habits of and trends around Generation X, a group the company said is often under-targeted as marketers try to reach millennials, Gen Z and boomers.

The group often feels forgotten by advertisers, according to 22% of respondents, and 27% said advertising that does target them doesn’t reflect their experience.

But, according to the study of 1,000 Canadians surveyed during the month of May 2016, Gen Xers, aged 35 to 50 for the purposes of the study, generally have higher household income than millennials and boomers.

There are 7.2 million Canadians that fall into the Gen X demographic in Canada; 83% of them are employed and 70% are homeowners. One in three Gen X members have investments (excluding their primary residence) worth more than $100,000.

The group, which was described as the latchkey generation, is self-sufficient, imaginative and resilient, according to the study.

Nearly half of Gen X respondents (48%) feel they are part of a “vanishing” middle class and 87% have not recently changed jobs or careers, indicating stability at work.

Over half (52%) of Gen X respondents are health conscious, with 67% reporting that they try to exercise their brains as well as their bodies. One-fifth of the group reports having received a health wake-up call within the past three years.

Gen Xers are also highly connected, with 86% owning smartphones and 91% using them daily. Over 90% of Gen Xers reported researching products online in the past month, with top categories being travel, clothing and apparel, electronics and food and beverage.

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