Primetime’s time warp

Remakes, time travel and familiar faces dot the fall TV landscape. Here's our full analysis.
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This article appears in the Summer 2016 issue of strategy.

Our readers are forgiven if they’re experiencing déjà vu with the prime-time TV lineups this year. Both for the fall and the mid-season, familiar titles abound as the major networks bring old blockbusters to viewers’ living rooms, while also remaking small-screen hits and spinning off current successes.

And after a scarcity of successful comedies last year, they’re still trying to make viewers laugh, relying on some recognizable funny faces.

Those nostalgic for bygone days rather than familiar entertainment will find plenty of literal time travel this year, as characters change the course of history (or try not to) by visiting the past.

But is turning back the clock on content enough to future-proof the networks as they face numerous challenges in the TV landscape?

They’re all trying their best to court audiences: Global aging down, CTV skewing more female and City aiming for balance.
Read on for a deeper look at the broadcasters’ content strategies, as experts in Canada’s media community weigh in on which shows might travel to the future and which ones should have been left behind.

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