‘#LikeAGirl’ keeps on playing

Always' newest spot pushes girls to stay in the game.

You hear parents rave about the benefits of kids playing sports.

It instils confidence, builds leadership skills and teaches them at an early age how to be part of a team. Typically, those parents are referring to their boys who play for a minor league hockey or soccer team. You rarely hear the same sentiment for young girls. And that’s a problem, which Always wants to address, and potentially even fix.

So the brand released a new global spot, called “Keep Playing #LikeAGirl.” This one (the third part of its “#LikeAGirl” platform and female empowerment movement), looks at girls who never gave up on themselves when their peers questioned their athletic abilities purely because they’re girls. The spot asks young girls about the challenges and benefits of staying in the game in an epic and fast-cut edit, with each of the girls from different parts of the world providing a rallying call for all girls to keep playing.

In Canada, Stephanie Labbé, a soccer player who will play with Team Canada at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, is also partnering with Always to share her own personal story of triumph. “I was cut from a team once and I know how disheartening it can be, but it also taught me to work harder and made me even more determined to prove myself,” said Labbé. “If I hadn’t kept playing, I wouldn’t have the confidence that I have today.”

From Stimulant