Interac takes on a new pain point

The payment brand points out the flaws with digging around for cash in its latest campaign.

Interac has typically focused on the potential perils of using credit cards, with its ongoing “Be in the Black” platform promoting debit as a means of staying out of debt. But now, it’s taking on cash and the challenge of an overstuffed handbag.

In a new campaign for Interac Flash contactless debit, led by Zulu Alpha Kilo, the brand touts the idea of skipping cash, even for small purchases. A 30-second spot shows a woman digging through her purse for cash to pay for a fast food meal, pulling out all kind of items – including a wrench – before her partner simply uses Interac Flash instead.

The idea of speed and convenience in making payments is central to the campaign, which includes TV, online, cinema, outdoor and digital. Creative for the Quebec market was led by Tank, with Media Experts handling media for the national campaign, which will run through the Olympics.

The insight around people having to dig through their pockets or purses for change is a relatable one, says Andrea Danovitch, Interac’s director of marketing and brand. While debit is now common, people still often search for small bills or change when making small purchases at places like convenience stores, she says.

The brand is targeting those who already like using their “own money” (debit), but don’t necessarily think to use Flash for small items. Use of Interac Flash, which is up against contactless credit payments, has been growing since it launched a few years ago, but the brand is still trying to change the mindset around small buys.