Pillsbury launches a couch-worthy product

The General Mills brand brings a more snackable version of its popular Pizza Pops to market, targeting gen Z.

General Mills is putting a social spin on one of its top products with the launch of a more snackable version.

The company has launched Pillsbury Pizza Bites, smaller, more snackable versions of its popular Pizza Pops product, meant to hit on more social snacking occasions with gen Z consumers.

The new product, which reached full retail distribution last month, is similar in formula to Totino’s Pizza Rolls, a popular hot snack under General Mills in the U.S.

Despite being in the hot snacks category, consumer research revealed Pizza Pops (the share leader in the category, according to General Mills) were actually being consumed more as a meal, leaving opportunity for a more snackable option that could capitalize on the brand equity of the Pillsbury product, says Alexander Benedet, marketing director, meals and baking.

In Canada, the brand has adapted Totino’s creative out of the U.S., with a focus on what it calls “couch chills,” or social moments at home on the couch with friends (such as watching sports together). Three new ads under the “Meet Pizza Bites” campaign have debuted, running primarily as YouTube pre-roll. As General Mills tracks performance, more media spend may come to support the new product, Benedet says.

In store, it’s also using $2-off coupons for the bites on eight-packs of Pizza Pops to help drive trial.