Mark’s puts its approach to the test

A series of online videos focused on product innovation puts a twist on showing off features and benefits.

Mark’s has launched a series of videos to show off the innovative materials used in some of its products.

The videos, which were created for social and digital channels, spotlight the capabilities of the water-resistant Hyper-Dri 1 and Hyper-Dri 3 materials and the wrinkle resistance of the Perfectly Pressed shirts and pants by putting them through some unique and intense tests.

David Lui, VP of marketing at Mark’s, describes the innovations shown in the videos as “ingredients” that make several of its products. The first three videos in what will become an innovation-focused series feature “ingredients” that already have high recognition among the brand’s target, with future videos showing things like T-Max insulation and Hyper-Dri lining. Mark’s is working with Huge, North Strategic and Touché! on the series.

For its fall campaign, Mark’s launched a new, no-nonsense platform to promote its selection of jean brands. It has since been expanded to footwear, with outerwear on the horizon for winter. The platform moved away from speaking to consumers in a highly technical way and injecting a more humorous tone to attract a slightly younger audience. The creative approach for this series is very similar, but because it also needs to communicate the technical aspects of the products, it does so in a way that shows the benefits directly, instead of simply listing and explaining their specs.

“Innovation in our products is a core part of the Mark’s DNA,” Lui says. “In the past we were way more technical, but now we’re trying to bring the technical elements and things that make these ingredients special to life by showing the benefits of the products very clearly.”

Lui says this series is also a continuation of Mark’s focus on speaking to consumers on the platforms they are using (namely social and digital) and in a way that captures their attention.

“But at the end of the day, we are still trying to communicate innovation,” Lui says. “Yes, there’s humour in showing how well a Hyper-Dri hoodie keeps someone dry, but it’s centred around the key benefit, which is keeping him dry while letting his body breathe and not adding extra weight.”