Check it out: How does Farnham get so bitter?

A new spot suggests heavy metal and rush hour traffic help give the brewery's hops their signature taste.

Playing happy sounds and music has been shown to have a positive impact on the growth and development of plants. But given the signature taste of its beer, Farnham Ale & Lager doesn’t have any interest in growing happy plants.

Created by Lg2, a recent video for the brand pans across a field of hop plants used to make Farnham’s range of beers, where we eventually see gigantic speakers set up between the rows of plants. To make the plants as bitter as possible, the volume gets turned up and the speakers blast the most unpleasant and aggressive sounds imaginable, like crying babies, heavy metal and rush hour traffic.

The video is the latest execution of Lg2′s “A Bit Bitter” platform for the Quebec craft brewery. Much of its previous work has relied on showing less-than-ideal situations through print, though it has also brought it to life through things like a vending machine that dispensed a different Farnham beer depending on how loudly people screamed at it.